This is a small reference to give an idea on how to find a TYPO3 setting that can be changed, and how to change it.


  1. go to BE
  2. Click the Configuration module in left menu bar
  3. Now use the drop down at the top, and select TYPO3_CONF_VARS.
  4. Search for what you need
  5. Click on the needed title
  6. Now you get a array like this:
    $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[‘EXTCONF’][‘cachecleaner’][‘tables’][‘cache_pages’][‘expireField’] = ‘expires’;
  7. Change this in your extension (in a PHP file) and include this file in ext_localconf.php
    OR Directly write inside ext_localconf.php (well this may not be very clean)

NOTE: The CONFIGURATION Module is like a TREE browser which lists all kind of available configurations available in TYPO3.
So we have endless chance to change and customize almost anything here!

NOTE2: The TYPO3 Configuration Module is also a place where you can see the current configuration that is in use.
This can be used for wide range of debugging, such as:

  1. To analyze if a HOOK/XCLASS has been declared or not
  2. To see if the configuration we specified has been really recognized by TYPO3